Staff Spotlight: Dale Reinhold

Staff Spotlight: Dale Reinhold

Backed by over twenty years of experience in the construction industry, Superintendent Dale Reinhold celebrates his seventh year as a member of the Gillis Gilkerson (GGI) team. In his current position, Reinhold is responsible for maintaining jobsite efficiency and spends the majority of his time onsite, overseeing the progression of our active projects.

“I enjoy being a part of the Gillis Gilkerson team because they take care of their people,” said Reinhold. “They are loyal and take pride in the work we deliver. It has been a challenging couple of years due to exponential price increases, but we’re able to set ourselves apart to our clients by finding solutions and running efficient operations despite it all.”

Reinhold is a well-respected member of the GGI team who is known for his consistency, work ethic, organizational skills and positive attitude. Some of his daily responsibilities include the development of progress schedules, the purchase of supplies, and coordination with suppliers, subcontractors and laborers. By executing these tasks, Reinhold helps the company to meet (or beat) deadlines for our clients.

Reinhold is a 1993 graduate of North Caroline High School in Ridgely, Maryland. For two years, he studied at Chesapeake College and most recently became Erosion and Sediment Control Certified. He now lives in Denton, Maryland with his wife, Suzanne, and their family. As a resident of the town of Denton, Reinhold values GGI projects that serve his neighborhood, including Choptank Community Health and Choptank Transport.

Fun Fact: When Dale is not on the job, he enjoys spending time with his family and training for his favorite sport, jousting (which happens to be the Maryland State Sport!). “My sons and I are former state and national champions in jousting,” said Dale… how cool!